LA Hollingsworth Art


This Sculpture Trail has now finished. It ran from  27 May – 26 August 2021.  On September 9th each sculpture was auctioned off to raise funds for the Derby Museums’ Endowment Campaign. The sculptures made over £300,000.00 for this worthy cause.

The Power of Art: Lynne's four sculptures have raised £36,500.00 at auction for three separate charities.


The first sculpture is called ‘Memories Fade but Warmth Remains’. Forget-me-nots are a symbol long associated with dementia. Lynne has combined the symbolism of this flower with that of the sunflower, symbolising warmth, deep loyalty and hope. Lynne wanted to create a message about the power of enduring love: that memories can fade but the warmth of the human spirit continues to shine. 

The second sculpture is called ‘Play’ Lynne’s late father was a farmer who kept a pet fox, and the fox motif is an image that recurs in many of her mural artworks. It is an animal synonymous with beauty, playfulness and magical qualities.

Ram sculpture is called ‘Play’ (sponsored by Cosy Direct)

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