LA Hollingsworth Art

Rocket Round Leicester Sculpture Trail 2021

Lynne with her sculpture outside Leicester Arena

The Rocket Round Leicester  sculpture discovery trail has now ended. It ran from 19th July to 26th September 2021. 

This beautiful rocket was auctioned off to raise funds for Loros Hospice to enable them to continue to care for over 2,500 terminally ill local people. 

The Power of Art: Lynne's four sculptures have raised £36,500.00 at auction for three separate charities.


The fox motif is something that reoccurs in many Lynne's  artworks and illustrations. Her late father was a farmer in Herefordshire and he kept a pet fox - so the fox, and what it represents, really resonates strongly with her. The design has a playful, thoughtful and symbolic narrative, which fits in well with the exploratory, fun nature of the trail. It will appeal to all, especially family groups. Lynne's sculpture is called ‘Hopes, Dreams and Wishes'. The design represents the fact that aspirations and hopes are what anyone and everyone can have; they are universal. This aligns well with her sponsor Morningside. Their aim to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

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