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Virtual Room Preview Help Page

Ensuring You Get The Right Fit

I know that when buying artwork,  it can sometimes be hard to visualise how it will look in your home. Sometimes you'll know exactly where it will go, sometimes you need a little more inspiration. 

Seeing your selected painting in-situ in a virtual mock-up can give you peace of mind and allows you to make an informed decision. 

After you have selected the painting you are interested in, measure the space you have in mind. Email a photograph of the space and a simple message telling us what the indicators of the dimensions are. For example it could be the edges of fireplace, alcoves, beds or sofas. 

Your message might be, 'I would like the painting to go above my sofa, the width of the sofa is 1.5 m (150cms) and the space between the top of the sofa and ceiling is 1.7 m (170cms) 

Tips to Ensure You Get The Best Photograph

Try and ensure you have good light when taking your photograph.Taking your photograph in daylight is the best option.

Take your photograph straight on and not from an angle, see photographs below.

Send your photographs via email to

We will do the rest and we will send you an email with your chosen painting mocked up virtually in-situ, using the image of your room. Allow 5 days for this.

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