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Worcester's Big Parade Sculpture Trail 2021

The Worcester's Big Parade sculpture trail has now ended it ran from  12th July to 5th September 2021. 

The Power of Art: Lynne's four sculptures have raised £36,500.00 at auction for three separate charities.

Lynne with her elephant sculpture in the Hopmarket, Worcester.


Lynne wanted the artwork to be both decorative and symbolic to convey her memories of growing up within a farming community in Herefordshire. She has used recognisable motifs of the area of Hereford and Worcester. The symbols she's used are apples, hops, pears, oak leaves, blossom. For Lynne, when remembering her childhood, these are some of the motifs that really resonate with her and are images of strength and beauty. They are strong motifs representing the beauty and fragility of nature and the natural world.  She used simple bold motifs to be accessible to the visually impaired. 

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